De-Molding Skills Of Plastic Dustbin Mould


Trash cans should be one of our must-have household ite […]

Trash cans should be one of our must-have household items. Yes, many plastic trash cans are made of plastic dustbin mould. Today we talk about the mold release problem.

Plastic mold test molds are generally a whole, only there is a small hole at the bottom of the test mold. How to drag the test mold out intact and undamaged is the problem that everyone is most concerned about. Here are a few simple steps to teach you.

First, apply oil to the inside of the test mold before injection molding to facilitate the later removal of the mold; secondly, after brushing the oil, put a small piece of waste paper on the small hole of the test mold to protect the small hole of the test mold from being blocked by concrete; Finally, the air pump is connected with the test mode, so that a complete test mode is dragged out. It's best to buy it with the air pump when you buy the test mold. If you want more of the test mold, the seller will give it as a gift. If there is no air pump, it can only be pushed out or knocked out from the bottom hole with steel bars, etc., put a cloth on the edge of the trial mold or a certain platform, and then invert the plastic mold. Don't use force when knocking the plastic mold. Too large, otherwise it will damage the test mold.


The above is the demolding technology of the mold, and the plastic box mold can also use this method.

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