The Importance Of Plastic Box Mold Design


Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic m […]

Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic molding machines in the plastics processing industry to give plastic products a complete configuration and precise dimensions. Due to the wide variety of plastics and processing methods, and the complex and simple structures of plastic molding machines and plastic products, the types and structures of plastic molds are also diverse. The plastic box mold is also one of the plastic molds.

Mold design and manufacturing are closely related to plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing depends largely on the effect of mold design and mold manufacturing quality, and plastic mold design is based on correct plastic product design.

According to the different molding methods, the types of plastic processing molds corresponding to different process requirements can be divided, mainly including injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, blister molding molds, high-foamed polystyrene molding molds, etc.

The working conditions of plastic box mold and plastic dustbin mould are different from that of cold stamping dies. Generally, they must work at 150°C-200°C. In addition to being subjected to a certain pressure, they must also be subjected to temperature effects.

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