How does Child Building Blocks Train Children?


The cultivation of visual-spatial intelligence, in addi […]

The cultivation of visual-spatial intelligence, in addition to the plane graffiti through hand-eye coordination, through the process of building blocks, also allows children to learn how to operate blocks of different sizes from an early age, and at the same time cultivate their initial understanding of art, science and mathematics. As well as the basis of space design and architectural form.

Careful observation of the building block models created by many children actually reflects the actual structure of the real-life they have observed; through the models made by these children, they can also learn about the surrounding architectural environment they perceive. . Children’s cognition of the environment comes from their mastery of the shape and space of the building blocks during the creation process. On the other hand, because space is the child’s initial perception of the senses, it becomes essential to achieve the shape of the concept of space. A pointer to the intelligent development of visual space.

Through the experience and understanding of the space, children can discover, understand and accept the essence of themselves, coupled with the ingenious guidance of the teacher, and can more deeply feel the internal structure of different materials such as building blocks, as well as the external matter of building blocks. And the continuity between the spiritual world. Parents accompany their children to play with building blocks, which allows children to realize many life philosophies from playing with building blocks: "Life is like building blocks. There are successes and failures, and even the probability of failure is higher than the probability of success. But people cannot give up their efforts to have a chance to succeed."

Through the stacking of building blocks, children participate in the use of various combinations of sizes and shapes and spaces. Therefore, it is an effective technique for children aged 2 to 4 to learn visual-spatial intelligence, which can be used to introduce the concept of architectural structure. On other hand, we also found that through the process of pushing building blocks, children naturally create buildings that match their environment. After a long period of training, they can form small architects. Architecture is an art of creation, as well as a process of construction and a rare experience of space. In the process of operating the building blocks, children will be able to learn how to make their own ideas and dreams concretely shaped in their works.


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