Maintenace Of Injection Moulding


Like the previous news, Shine has talked with you about […]

Like the previous news, Shine has talked with you about how to use injection mould correctly, here Shine will talk with you on how to maintenance the injection moulds.

Four matters needing attention of maintenance of injection mould:


1. Plastic injection moulding processing companies should have resume cards for each moulding machine, which for write up and calculate the information of usage, maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, and rust-proof) and damage. So we can find out the damaged parts and components, and degree of wear(abrasion), which provided the information and data of finding and solving matters, as well as moulding process parameters of this mould, and product material to shorten the test time of mould and improve the production efficiency.


2. Plastic injection moulding processing companies should test all kinds of performance of mould under normal action of injection moulding machine and mould and measure the size of final shaped plastic moulded parts. After this, we can confirm the existing situation of mould, and find out the damage point of the mould cavity, mould core, cooling system, and parting line. According to the shown information by plastic moulded parts, we can know and judge the damaged situation of mould and confirm the maintenance measures.


3. The key parts of mould must be tracked and tested. The function of the ejector and guide part is to ensure the mould opening and closing movement and the knock-out of plastic moulded parts. If there's any location get stuck caused by damage, which will cause a halt in production. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the lubrication of the ejector pin of mould and guiding post often(choose most suitable lubrication), and weekly check whether the ejector pin and guiding post is out of shape and have surface damage. Once found, should be replaced in time. After completing one production cycle, painting the professional anti-rust oil to the mould working surface, moving and guiding parts, especially pay attention to the protection of mould bearing parts which have gear and rack, and protection of intensity of spring mould to ensure it keeps the best working condition. With continuous production time, the cooling runner easily produces limescale, rusting, silt and algae etc, which made the cooling runner section smaller and the cooling channel narrows to greatly reduce the heat exchange rate between coolant and mould, and increase the production cost of the company. Therefore, it is very important to clean the cooling runner. As for hot runner mould, the maintenance of heating and control system will avoid producing the malfunction of production. Therefore, the band heater, rod heater, heater probe and thermocouple etc of mould should be tested by ohm. If damaged, replace it in time and compare it with the mould's resume, make a good record, so as to find out the problems in time, and take countermeasures.


4. Pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mould. Because it directly affects the surface quality of the product, and the emphasis is to prevent corrosion. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a kind of suitable, high-quality, and professional anti-rust oil When the mould production is finished, the residual injection should be carefully cleaned according to different injection moulding. It can use copper wire and a professional mould cleaning agent to remove residual injection moulding and another sediment. Disables hard objects such as wire rods to clean, which to avoid scratching the surface. If there's corrosive injection caused by rust spot, using the grinding machine to grind and polish, and spray the professional anti-rust oil, and then place the mould in dry, cool, and dust-free to store.

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