Knowledge Points Of Plastic Chair Injection Mold


Plastic Chair Injection Moulds have a lot of relevant k […]

Plastic Chair Injection Moulds have a lot of relevant knowledge and attention points before, during, and after production. Then this article is to tell you the appearance of the mold. The shape and it's related standards, let’s take a look at the standards and key points:

(1) The mold size meets the customer's requirements and the injection molding machine model specified by the customer.

(2) Produce customer nameplate, mold number, weight, size, production start time, etc., install and fix rivets, and their positions meet the standards.

(3) The size of the positioning ring must meet the technical requirements (10mm higher than the top plate). The mounting plate must be fixed and cannot be directly connected to the template. Be sure to use more than 2 screws to fix it.

(4) The spherical surface R of the sprue sleeve meets the standard, and the sprue sleeve R> the previous R.

(5) The surface of the sprue sleeve and runner should be polished with 600# or higher sandpaper to avoid edges and corners.

(6) Install feet on the bottom of the mold to protect the bottom surface. Trash nails can be replaced without special circumstances.

(7) For large molds (greater than 8 tons), U-shaped grooves or perforations must be opened to close the mold, which corresponds to the fixed position of the molding machine.

(8) The surface of the mold base must not have pits, rust spots, unnecessary rings, water in and out holes, air, oil holes, and other defects that affect the appearance.

(9) The position of each plate hole and the edge of the mold base should have a chamfer greater than 1.5mm (except for the special two).

(10) Ensure that all rings can be screwed to the end and ensure the balance of lifting.

(11) Install garbage nails under the thimble plate. The ejector plate is used as a stroke positioning block, and screws cannot be used instead.

(12) The area of the mold support head should reach 30% of the area of the back template between the square legs. The support head is 0.15mm higher than the molded foot, which will not interfere with the ejection hole.

(13) All mold screws must not have shortcuts, slippage, or other defects; screws of M12 (including M12) (12.9 level) or higher should be used. The length of the screw suspension mold material is greater than 1.2 times the screw diameter.

(14) The bottom surface of the screw countersunk hole should be flat. The installation position of the screw should not be higher than the countersunk hole of the screw. The height of the bottom surface is 1-2mm.

(15) Parts weighing more than 10KG must have corresponding holes, and the size and position of the holes must meet the standard.

The 15 knowledge points above are some relevant information about plastic chair injection molds and their standards.

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