The Texture For Plastic Injection Mold


While our everyday life is filled with more and more pl […]

While our everyday life is filled with more and more plastic products, people start to be aware that they do not want them to look like “plastic” products. Therefore, the plastic injection molds decorated with the texturing process are more welcomed because they cater to people’s interests.

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Purpose of texture

1. Improve product appearance. The texturing process is able to camouflage part of the shrinkage, welding line, parting line and steps of the slider, etc.

2. Product surface strength can be improved via texturing and sandblasting.

3. Improve the look and feel of plastic products, to allow the creation of diversified and/or brand-new product designs.


Principle of texturing

Allow chemical agents (e.g. sulfuric acid and nitric acid, etc.) to chemically react with mold steels, and at the same time control the reaction process to obtain various desired effects.


Process of texturing

Mold Preparation- Filmmaking – Film Application – Exposure to Light – Corrosion – Cleansing – Post Treatment


Categories of texturing

Sand pattern, satin pattern, leather pattern, stone pattern, geometric pattern, HANDS, and HN3D, etc.


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