Celebrating 100th Anniversary Of The Funding Of The Communist Party Of China


The year 2021 marks the centenary of the Communist Part […]

The year 2021 marks the centenary of the Communist Party of China.

We quote from President Xi Jinping to understand how the CPC rose to success and still maintains resilience after 100 years:

* The red boat sparked the flame of the Chinese revolution and started the century-spanning voyage of the Communist Party of China.

* I defined the Red Boat spirit as a pioneering spirit that creates from nothing, a hard-working spirit that keeps faith and fears no setbacks, and a spirit of service that honors the Party's commitment to the public good and its loyalty to the people.

* The Communist Party of China's history started from the First National Congress of the CPC in 1921. No matter how far we have traveled, we must never forget where we started.

* To stay true to our original aspiration and founding mission and to continuously work hard is the only way to keep the CPC forever vigorous.

* As long as all CPC members and all Chinese people unite as one and do solid work, the country, like a great ship braving winds and waves, will surely reach the shore of national rejuvenation.

* A political party should have faith. For the Communist Party of China, this refers to the faith in Marxism, communism, and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

* History and experiences have time and again proved that if a party stays true to its ideals and aspirations, it will remain invincible and rise through hardships and adversity.

* Never forget why we started, and we can accomplish our mission.

* Sicking together, maintaining a close bond, and sharing weal and woe with the people - this is what enables our Party to overcome all difficulties and dangers.

* Without the support of the people, we can accomplish nothing.


Hope you and us can be better and better in the further, no matter you are in which countries.

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