New Toy Samples Arrived For Making Injection Molds


Today, SWY MOULD received new samples from our Macedoni […]

Today, SWY MOULD received new samples from our Macedonia customer, after a long time discussion with our customer about mold price, mold technical points, mold delivery time, payment term, and etc. the customer sent us the samples which need to design.

SWY MOULD has the capability to do various kinds of plastic toy molds, such as kids car mold, plastic building blocks mold, plastic sand shovel mold, baby wagon mold, trike mold, baby bikes mold, baby scooters mold, baby ride-on mold, etc.

Plastic toys have high requirements in design and convenience of plastic materials. The parts are directly contacted by a child's hands so it needs high requirements for product segments. Due to the plastic toy mold structure limitation, the cooling difficulty is high, and the molding cycle is required to be short. Also, there need high safety requirements, especially since the products must not have sharp edges to harm children. In some plastic toys that need to be assembled, the dimensional accuracy requirements are also very high, too loose or too tight will also bring a certain degree of danger. Higher plastic toy quality and better toy assembly depend on a high-quality plastic toy mold.


Design characteristics of plastic toy molds

In addition to various requirements of plastic mold design in plastic molding factory, plastic toy mold also has its particularity and focus in the actual mold design.


*Strong simulation of product design

Toys are the epitome of nature, large to space universe, small to all kinds of animals and plants. It is necessary to imitate and abbreviate these creations of nature so that they are imitation enough that can be a real mess. Therefore, the design should consider a high degree of simulation for the toy.


*Pay attention to product design

Appearance directly reflects the effect of toy products. Moreover, toy products are developing in the direction of crafts and quality, and design is particularly important. To achieve different appearance requirements, plastic mold design and process will be different. There are two ways of appearance design: molding and post-processing. In the molding, the surface of the toy has three kinds of conditions: 1 smooth surface; 2 matt surface; 3 various pattern surfaces. In these three cases, different mold cavity surfaces can be designed and processed according to different requirements. Post-processing forms include secondary processing of plating, printing, bronzing, painting, and other external surfaces. Therefore, different processes and mold designs should be carried out according to different appearance surface requirements.


*Many product accessories

A toy product sometimes needs to be assembled from up to hundreds of accessories. This requires that the shape and size of each component should be fully considered in product design and plastic mold design. Pay attention to the assembly relationship between accessories and ease of assembly. Since plastic molding has shrinkage, and this shrinkage varies with materials, shapes, and processes, more attention should be paid to adjusting the difference between design size and actual size to avoid assembly difficulties. Combination of different forming processes Due to different shapes and requirements, toys may be composed of accessories produced by different forming processes, such as injection molding, hollow parts, or metal parts assembled into a toy. This requires different molds to be designed according to different process conditions in order to achieve complete and uniform assembly requirements.

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