Design Of New Building Block Mould Finished


This building block mould is customized for our Sudan c […]

This building block mould is customized for our Sudan customer. Because of a special situation this year, the customer can't come to China, so he asked us to buy the sample from China. We searched on the Internet which blocks he needs and bought one set of samples. Through some day's discussion, at last, he agreed to make one mould with 10 cavities with 7 shapes.

After receiving the pre-payment, the product 3D design was finished. Our customer is very satisfied with it.


Building blocks can help to develop children's intelligence and training their hand-eye coordination ability. Arranging, jointing, and stacking can help children building cognition of symmetry and proportion. Blocks are allowed to be arranged in different ways or for building activities, which helps children have better imagination and creativity. Some building blocks are made of wooden material. They are usually decorated with letters or pictures on each surface. Another type is made of plastic material, which can be produced in different colours. Compared with wooden material, plastic building blocks are at a reasonable price and long time usage. The wooden material will mildew but the plastic one won't. Also for some wooden blocks may have bits of wood that can scratch children's hands. Considering all, plastic building toy blocks is a good choice for children playing.

For making plastic building toy blocks, the mould is very important. There is a high requirement on blocks matching, can't too loose otherwise can't building, also can't too tight otherwise the children can't play well. So every step needs well quality control from mould design to mould test. SWY MOULD company has experience in making child building block moulds, if you have any inquiry about it, kindly contact Shine with the email [email protected] or phone +86 157 5766 8880.


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