Plastic Rectangular Fruit Basket Injection Mold


The plastic rectangular fruit basket injection mold is […]

The plastic rectangular fruit basket injection mold is made for our old customers.

Part resin: PP with 25 solute fluidity

Mold steel: P20

Runner system: cold runner

Injection machine tonnage: 8000T

Cycle time: around 45 seconds

Demolding type: stripper plate, picked by the robot hand

Mold size: 930*790*550mm

Mold weight: 3015KG


Original basket samples sent by our SWY customer

After deciding to make molds, our customer sent us the original basket samples by DHL. According to our customer's requirement, the size of this rectangular fruit basket mold should be like the blue basket, but the texture needs to be changed like the grey basket (the right one). Another point is the handle part, which needs to match the customer's sample firmly. During the design process of mold, we sent the customer the revised product and mold design for confirmation, after all were confirmed, we began machining basket mold.


The design process of plastic rectangular fruit basket injection mold

1. Product design

Comprising creative and technical experts to develop product designs enables us to create designs like collapsible plastic crates. With MoldFlow software, we analyze designs, correct flaws, and ensure it meets our manufacturability threshold. We also optimize all product designs for manufacturing and mold making.

2. Mold design

Warehousing and storage parts make designing their injection molds quite complex. With our well-experienced design engineers and top-grade machinery, we can handle complex mold design. This rich combination of skill and resources enables us to develop molds that use resins to produce units with consistent wall thickness.


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