Air Poppet Valve Used In Bucket High Speed Injection Mold


The air poppet valve is also known as an air jet valve […]

The air poppet valve is also known as an air jet valve or pneumatic thimble. In the depth and enclosed vacuum condition, compared with the ejector pin, it is much easier to use an air poppet valve to eject the parts. There are several standards of air poppet valve in practical usage. The available diameter of the air valve is at the range of 5mm to 30mm. The maximum height could reach 50mm. An air poppet valve is generally composed of a housing, a push rod, a spring, and an elastic cylindrical pin.

In domestic, common air poppet valve is used more common. DME standard or VA air poppet valve is the most frequent to use for exporting, CUMSA standard is the second, and the HASCO standard is relatively less. These international standards are basically produced in China, and the quality is relatively reliable and stable. This kind of technology has been mastered.


Showing the air poppet valve features:

* Ideal for abusive environments such as heated compression mold.Advantage of rapid molding ejector.

* High volume airflow

* Heavy duty spring pressure to maintain a tight poppet seal

* Guide sleeve for axial alignment

* Air poppet valve is one of the innovated tools for the molding industries. It will resolve the problems for mold design injection troubles.


Here viewing the air valve system used in our Plastic Toy Injection Mold Of Infant Water Bucket


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