Secondary Maintenance Of Plastic Turnover Box Mold


Molds play a very important role in our lives. The plas […]

Molds play a very important role in our lives. The plastic turnover box mold is closely related to us. Today we are talking about secondary maintenance of molds.

The secondary maintenance of the mold refers to the regular systematic maintenance of the mold based on the technical status and complexity of the mold. This maintenance work is completed by mold repair personnel, and records are made according to the maintenance situation. The following describes the requirements and methods of the second warranty for different parts.

Trimming edge: The edge part of the mold is prone to chipping and edge collapse during the use of the mold. At this time, the damaged part of the mold should be repaired by welding.

Springs and other elastic parts: During use, the spring is one of the most vulnerable parts of the mold, and it usually breaks and deforms. The method adopted is a replacement, but during the replacement process, you must pay attention to the specifications and models of the springs. The specifications and models of the springs are determined by the three items of color, outer diameter, and length. Only when these three items are the same can they be replaced.

Of course, the secondary maintenance of Plastic Basket Injection Mould also needs to pay attention to the above requirements and methods.

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