How To Get A Satisfying Mold Quotation From SWY MOULD?


Dear customers, when you have mold projects on hand and […]

Dear customers, when you have mold projects on hand and need to inquiry about the mold price, it's very important to share as much information as possible, so that we can give you a detailed mold quotation. Sometimes, I was asked to give a mold price just roughly, only with one picture and without any details. To be honest, quoting is time-consuming, and the project manager needs to spend their time on quotations. But often, there is no further reply on price and mold. So most of the quotations for us meantime waste. Also, customers can't get detailed information on what they want to know. 


Now today Shine would like to suggest to customers what they should provide when asking for a quotation from us so that they can get a detailed price offers and information, also there is more chance for us to know the basic information of our customers and the possibility of a mold project.

For making molds:


For part mass production:


For both mold and mass production:

Please give us all points marked above, Shine will give you a detailed quotation.



Here are some files you can send us during the inquiry:

* Samples sent to us

For direct view, some customers will send their sample to us directly, it's the clearest way to a quotation. We can check all sizes and structures, with the requirements above, the price is precise.


* Product 3D design in the format of X_T, STEP, PRT, IGS, etc.

For example, our customers sent us all parts into the individual 3D file/or all parts into 1 file only if all parts need to be assembled together so that we can clearly know the shape, structure, and size of the plastic parts need to quote.


* Product 2D drawing

For example, our customer sends us the pdf file with product drawing.


* Clear pictures with size marked

Such like this customer, he only has the sample, so he gave us the photos with size marked. This can help us calculate the mold size and mold weight, and the price can be calculated also.

Also if there are any obvious features, such as a hole, angle, handle, etc. please send us all directions pictures, so that we can know the product structure well.


* Your sketch drawing


At last, contact Shine if you have a project on mold, send an email to [email protected], or add WhatsApp/WeChat with +86 157 5766 8880. Shine would like to quote you the mold price according to your sample or design or pictures. 


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