Matters Discussed Before Confirming A Mold Order


After getting a satisfied mold quotation price from our […]

After getting a satisfied mold quotation price from our SWY MOULD, the next step is confirming a mold order. But before paying the prepayment, some points need to be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

* NDA(non-disclosure agreement)

For some new products in a specific industry, our customers need to put more energy and time into producing and designing it, so it's very important to help them keep this project secret. Even after producing, we can't disclose any information. So we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with our customers to protect their fruits of labor.

For example:

* Payment term

For mold payment, usually, the payment term is 40% pre-payment, 30% to be paid before sample sending, 30% to be paid before mold shipping.

For product payment, usually is 50% pre-payment and 50% before shipping.

If you have any requirement on payment, you can discuss with us to have an agreement at last.


* Mold requirements

After beginning mold making, tell us firstly your requirement on mold designing(if Moldflow need or not; if 3D rapid prototyping need or not; any details on mold pins, runners, gate, etc.), mold machining(weekly mold report with photos and videos;  machining accurately), mold testing(if you will come to have a look at testing or not; how many pieces samples do you need us to send you; the size, color, the surface requirement on the final product; etc.)


* Mold shipment

Telling us your demands on mold package and shipment(mold painting, shipping mark, package, shipping way, etc.)


* Documents needed

Giving us a list about which kind of documents needed when mold shipping. We can prepare it beforehand.


* Any other points you need to discuss with us


Give us the mold order, we will give you satisfied service and good quality mold.

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