How To Select Suitable Mold Steel


There are several types of mold steel, so in order to l […]

There are several types of mold steel, so in order to let our customers know well about the different mold steel, here Shine would like to introduce the common mold steel we use and its characters.

1. Cavity/core, slider, angle lifter, insert, etc.: 

*without any requirement, and cheapest with lower mold life: 45# (ANSI: C1045; DIN-CK40; JIS-S45C), 50# (ANSI: C1045; DIN-CK53; JIS-S50C)

*with common requirement: P20 prehardening mold steel (ANSI: P20; DIN-1.2311; Sweden-618; GB-3Cr2Mo)

*with little high requirement: 718 super pre-hardening mold steel (ANSI: P20+Ni; DIN-1.2738; Sweden-718; GB-3Cr2NiMo)

*with higher requirement: 738 (GB-4Cr2NiMnMo)

*with the requirement of high gloss polish: NAK80 (ANSI: 921H; JIS: NAK80; GB-12Ni3)

*with the requirement of corrosion resistance (the raw material produce the air which will corrode the mold steel):  M300(Austria) (GB-3Cr17Mo)

*with requirements of both high gloss polish and corrosion resistance: S136H (ANSI: 420; DIN: 1.2083; Sweden-S136H; GB-3Cr13)


2. Mold base:

*lowest requirement: 45# (ANSI-C1045; DIN-CK40; JIS-S45C)

*common requirement: 50# (ANSI-C1045; DIN-CK53; JIS-S50C)

*common requirement with large size: 55# (ANSI-C1045; DIN-CK56; GB-S55C)

*high requirement with large size: GS638 (ANSI-P20; DIN-GS638; GB-42CrMo)


3. Spare parts:

*guide pillar: 20# (S20C) or 20Mn2B (SMn420), treatment: carburizing and quenching with more than 55HRC;

                         T8A & T10A, treatment: surface hardening with less than 55HRC;

                         45#, treatment: tempering, surface hardening, low temperature with more than 55HRC

*guide bush: brass H62 or bronze alloy

*bush sleeve: 45#, 50#, 55#, treatment: surface hardening with more than 55HRC

*push rod, ejector pin, sprue puller, etc.: 

                     T8, T8A, T10, T10A, treatment: hardening, low temperature with more than 55HRC;

                     45#, 50#, 55#, treatment: hardening with more than 45HRC

all plate material: 45#, 50#, 40Cr(hardening & tempering); structure steel: Q235~Q275; large plates: ductile cast iron


If you still don't know how to select the mold steel and other spare parts, that doesn't matter, you can contact Shine(Email: [email protected];   Phone: +86 157 5766 8880) to get more explanation. Or you can tell us your final requirements, we can help you select and make a mold for you.


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