The Process Of Mold Design


After confirming the mold order and receiving the pre-p […]

After confirming the mold order and receiving the pre-payment, we begin to make the product and mold design.

1. Firstly, our technical department will analyze the customer's sample to check the feasibility of producing, also will check the product drawing, mainly checking the key size and product structure. This pre-phase analysis will greatly help later mold design. 


2. If customers providing us the product drawing, it's better.  Then our technical department will confirm the following points firstly: 

*product raw material

*product shrinkage

*product size 

*product surface requirement

*mold cavity

*the function of the product


After confirming all these points, our technical department will begin the 3D design. 


3. There are several types to convert the real object to 3D data on the computer:

*according to the simple product drawing

*using Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM) to measure the points, and collate date with computer

*scanning the sample and converting the size to 3D data directly

With all this information, our technical department will use UG software to deal with the data, point data to be converted to the line, then line to be converted to face, at last turn into the product design which we need.


4. With the product design, our technical department will begin design mold, considering the principle of easily demolding with good mold life. When finishing the mold design, our project manager will review the design. If all are ok, we will send our customers for confirmation. 


5. Receiving the feedback from our customers, we will begin machining mold.




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