The Technical Features Of Plastic Tube Embryos Mould


Plastic tube embryos moulds can produce clear plastic t […]

Plastic tube embryos moulds can produce clear plastic tubes that open at the top and close at the bottom, which are widely used in many industries.

So, what're the technical features of this kind of plastic tube embryos mould?

1. There are 4 cavities to 72 cavities on the test tube mould, can be decided by your machine tonnage or production quantity you need.

2. The electric control system of the simulated tensile test is adopted to improve the yield.

3. Using the world's advanced dipole taper positioning technology, each cavity is clamped independently to ensure the concentricity of the test tube mould.

4. Die core and cavity are made of special die steel.

5. International standard screw neck, imported high hardness nitriding steel, long service life.

6. Advanced hot runner design and uniform heating temperature ensure the high quality of plastic products.

7. Valve type has no tail, reducing the labour force.

8. At least 3 million guaranteed.



11.Corrosion resistance


How is SWY MOULD making good quality plastic tube embryos mould?

1. Excellent polishing performance ensures high transparency of the vessel surface.

2.Using the hot runner gate system, which ensures a beautiful gate sign, will save a lot of material costs because there is no spruce or runner waste.

3.Mature mould design structure - optimized cooling system and exhaust system. Our design team has at least 10 years of creative and original design experience.

4.Easy mould maintenance - each cavity of the vascular cavity/core insert is interchangeable by standardized tool machines. We will provide you with spare parts for core and cavity inserts to help you resume production in the shortest possible time.

5.Dynamic manufacturing - according to the tube mould information, when selecting the appropriate injection moulding machine, the injection volume, clamping force, the distance between the rod and the ejection stroke, and other information are required.

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