Plastic Dustbin Mould


SWY MOULD is a well-known plastic injection moulds manu […]

SWY MOULD is a well-known plastic injection moulds manufacturer in China, and we can provide our customers with high-quality, high-yielding plastic dustbin moulds. In each plastic dustbin moulds design, engineers will conduct a rigorous design review, pay attention to the details of each mould design, so as to bring efficient operation speed, reasonable cooling structure, and optimal molding cycle.


The design of plastic dustbin mould:

1. The plastic raw materials selected for dustbin moulds: PP (household dustbins), HDPE (industrial waste bins)

2. The mould steel materials selected for dustbin moulds: 2738 (HRC35-38), 718 (HRC35-38), 2311, P20.

3. The gate method was chosen for the dustbin mould: 

  *Dustbin: Hot runner point gate

  *Large dustbin: Hot runner big gate

  *Very large: hot runner multiple large gate


To reach high capacity and quality requirements, we recommend:

*Mould core and cavity using raw steel, in order to ensure product quality and mold quality, for customers to save costs

*The core and cavity of the dustbin mould use palladium bronze as the core material, which reduces the molding cycle, reduces the scrap rate, and greatly increases the production capacity by about 30%-40%.

*According to customer needs, we provide dustbin mold paste technology and programs, this technology can make the customer's product appearance to improve a grade, and for customers to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency.


We supply ordinary dustbin moulds, also can supply large industrial dustbin moulds.

We look forward to more customers to discuss new trash can projects with us.


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