Automotive Lamp Mould Design And Manufacturing


Auto lamp moulds are an important part of automotive mo […]

Auto lamp moulds are an important part of automotive moulds. The main parts of the car lights are inseparable from the headlight body, reflector, decorative frame, and lens. As the most demanding parts for automotive exterior parts, automotive lamps also have high requirements for the mould design and manufacturing processes.


First, the challenge comes from the headlight body. The automotive lamp body is an internal functional part. Although the appearance requirements are not high, its assembly holes and buckles are many. This means that the design and manufacture of auto lamp moulds may have the following risks:

1. There are many inclined tops, sliders, and inserts in the mould, which are easy to break and flash;

2. Difficult cooling uniformity


Secondly, for the reflector, we need to combine the particularity of product specifications to design the mould. The reflector is a part of the car headlight lighting system that reflects the function to avoid direct light and is an appearance part. The surface is plated with high gloss and has a large area texture for surface decoration. For the manufacturing requirements of reflectors with strict light distribution and direct aluminium plating, SWY MOULD recommends that you should pay attention to the mould design:

1. The early mould flow analysis should be accurate;

2. The heating rods of the front and rear moulds are evenly distributed to prevent product deformation;

3. The surface texture contour requires high precision.


The decorative frame of the headlight is a part that plays a decorative role in the headlight lighting system of the car. It is located inside the lens and is assembled with the lens. People can see the decorative frame from the outside of the headlight through the lens. Generally, the manufacturing materials of the decorative frame of the lamp are PC, PBT+GF, PBT+PET, PA+GF, and the surface plating is required.


Finally, the lens also needs high-quality mould design and mould manufacturing to complete the product moulding. The lens is the outermost transparent part of the car headlight. General car headlights are white and transparent, and the rear combination lights are red (or multi-colour) and transparent. The surface of the lens is an A-level curved surface, the outer surface has a super-hard coating, and the inner and outer surface transparency requirements are extremely high.


Based on the above product requirements and mould characteristics, SWY MOULD has a complete solution from raw materials to mould delivery. We never stop high-precision and high-precision products and moulds in terms of hardware or software.

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