The Function Of Auto Reflective Part Mold


With the development of automobiles gradually getting b […]

With the development of automobiles gradually getting better and better, the related industries have become better and better. This includes an auto reflective part mold.

Reflectors are also called convex mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, turning mirrors are mainly used in various curves and intersections, which can expand the driver’s field of vision and find vehicles on the opposite side of the curve early to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It is also used in supermarkets to prevent theft and monitor blind spots to shoot light...

The function of the reflector is to broaden the field of vision, regulate pedestrians and vehicles, and traffic order. Installed in indoor blind corners such as supermarkets, stores, shopping malls, etc., can keep the place within the monitoring range of the staff and play a role of anti-theft. Factory workshops, enterprises, institutions, and laboratories can regulate personnel exchanges, pay attention to safe passage and broaden their vision. The installation of this product in the underground parking lot can prevent vehicles from knowing the situation at the other end of the road in time before turning, and avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles.

The above are the basic functions and functions of car reflectors.

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