Detection Technology Of Electrical Appliance Mould


Home appliances are indispensable in our lives. Many el […]

Home appliances are indispensable in our lives. Many electrical appliances can bring us a lot of conveniences, such as mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, TVs, etc., can bring great convenience to our lives. Only a few, most electrical appliances need electrical appliance mould to complete.

A mold is not a part but is different from a tool. The mold is a set of molding equipment that integrates parts. Modern manufacturing not only requires molds with high precision and long life but also requires molds with ingenious structural design, well-studied molding mechanism, good use performance, and funny manufacturing performance, and other comprehensive functions.

On-site mold inspection technology The development of precision molds has increasingly higher requirements for measurement. The precision three-coordinate measuring machine has been restricted by the environment for a long time and is rarely used in the production site. The new generation of three-coordinate measuring machines have temperature compensation and adopt anti-vibration materials, improve dust-proof measures, improve environmental adaptability and use reliability so that they can be easily installed in the workshop to realize the characteristics of measuring on-site.

In addition to household appliance molds, plastic chair injection mould also require good performance.

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