Injection Molding Mass Production Service In SWY MOULD


SWY MOULD is a full-service Plastic Injection Molding m […]

SWY MOULD is a full-service Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer in custom manufacturing. With our experienced toolmakers and setters, we can achieve optimum product output in a minimum of time. Your product is molded to your specifications and put through our quality inspection department to guarantee accuracy and quality at all times.

1. On-site injection plastic mold repair & maintenance

2. Injection machines ranging from 50T – 650T

3. 24-hour plastic molding manufacturing shifts

4. Long and short plastic injection molding production runs

5. Insert molding service

6. Extensive capabilities to process engineered raw materials and complex filled-polymer compounds

7. Large and small parts

8. Low and high volume

9. Tight tolerance and quality controls


Here are some molds mass production by us. Our customers let us customized the mold and then mass production. Every month we will send them a certain quantity of products.

If you want to sell open your own unique plastic products, but now you have no more money to buy plastic injection molding machines. That's doesn't matter, SWY MOULD would like to help you, we will make plastic molds and mass-producing for you. You only need to sell more products, we will provide you with enough goods.

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