Plastic Automotive Parts Moulds


Automotive moulds refer to moulds used in the automotiv […]

Automotive moulds refer to moulds used in the automotive field, more than 90% of parts in automotive production need to be formed by moulds. Saiweiyue Mould is a high-quality plastic mould manufacturer integrating product development and design. We can produce high-quality automotive moulds. With the improvement of technology, the proportion of automotive plastic moulds is increasing. The development of automotive plastic moulds is conducive to driving the lightweight development of the automotive industry.



The automotive exterior moulds we supply include:

*automotive bumper mould;

*automotive headlight mould;

*automotive grill mould;

*automotive wiper part mould;

*automotive fender mould;

*automotive back mirror mould;

*automotive tail mould;

*automotive high-level brake light mould;

*automotive pillar mould;



The automotive interior moulds we supply include:

*automotive instrument panel set mould;

*automotive door guard plate set mould;

*automotive armrest mould;

*automotive HVAC set mould;

*automotive storage battery box mould;

*automotive fan set mould;

*automotive radiator tank mould;

*automotive glove box mould;



Saiweiyue Mould provides professional automotive interior and exterior parts solutions, automotive plastic parts molding, automotive mould manufacturing, and other services. With a complete quality management system, high-precision processing equipment, and strict mould size control concept and monitoring equipment, we are welcome your visit to our SWY MOULD to have a cooperation.

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