Plastic Mold For Road Safety Reflective Warning Triangle


For every car, there is a safety reflective warning tri […]

For every car, there is a safety reflective warning triangle in the car trunk. So what's the function of this part?

The safety reflective warning triangle is in need of emergency roadside assistance, protect yourself and your vehicle. The sign mounts easily from the inside of your car window, so there is no need to exit your vehicle in heavy traffic. The bright orange sign with red reflectors alerts motorists to roadside trouble day or night, increasing your visibility and keeping you and your passengers safe.


Important for highway or night driving of this safety reflective warning triangle:

Made of a reflective material, easy to see.

A strong folding base stand can fit a flat surface.

Warning Triangle is a folding design, easy to take it.

It can be placed on the road to alert other drivers if you have a breakdown or emergency.


For making such a kind of plastic mold for road safety reflective warning triangle, it's very important to pay attention to the reflective value. For OEM, our customers will have their own standard of reflective value, we will according to their standard to make molds. Later if you have any project on plastic reflective part molds, it's better to tell us if it OEM or after-sales, and how much reflective value you need to test, and any other requirement. We have the machine to test the samples if reaching the standard or not.

For example, we put a bit of a sample to test for your viewing:


No matter which part of the reflective part you need to make plastic injection molds, you can contact our SWY MOULD (Email: [email protected] or phone: +86 157 5766 8880) to get the quotation.

Attached the plastic reflective part molds for bicycle or automotive we made before:

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