Plastic Mould Of Rainwater Collection Module


What is the plastic rainwater collection module? The pl […]

What is the plastic rainwater collection module?

The plastic rainwater collection module is a part of the rainwater collection and utilization system. Several plastic rainwater collection module units are combined to form an underground storage tank. Around the pool, according to the needs of the project, wrap impervious geotextile or permeable geotextile to form different types of storage tanks, permeable pools, and flood regulation pools. Using the plastic rainwater collection module to assemble the pool has the advantages of convenient installation, large bearing capacity, no breeding of mosquitoes, flies, and algae, and can be dismantled and migrated to other areas to continue to use after being used in the temporary construction area. The equipment is suitable for the collection and utilization of rainwater in large building districts, industrial parks, squares, and factory buildings. The plastic rainwater collection module storage tank can effectively store the collected rainwater, these stored and water resources, after treatment, can be used to flush toilets, wash roads, irrigate lawns, water features to replenish water, and even used for circulating cooling water and firewater.


Here is the plastic mould of the rainwater collection module made by SWY.

Usage: for building underground tank systems for rainwater infiltration, attenuation, detention or retention

Plastic material: recyclable PP material

Part size: 800*800*265mm

Mould steel: P20

Mould base: C50

Mould surface treatment: polish

T1 time: 55 days


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