T0 Samples Of Plastic Basket Injection Mold


With a high-precision machining process, plastic basket […]

With a high-precision machining process, plastic basket injection molds finish the first testing.

Here viewing the samples tested from our molds:



SWY MOULD is specialized in making plastic basket injection mold, and we can offer your basket mold at a reasonable price and good quality. Our company has rich experience in making different shapes of basket molds. For this plastic slotted storage basket mold, each basket can stack with each other, and it has a handle on the basket for easy moving and it won’t affect the product stacking. The basket has holes on the walls for water leakage.

For mold steel, normally will use P20 steel for plastic basket molds, the guaranteed mold life of P20 steel have 500000 shots, with good maintenance, molds can be run twice more. When you decide on the project, you only need to provide us with samples or drawings, we can make molds according to your samples or drawings, and we can do some improvement as per your requirements. We can send you the product design and mold design for checking. Our design team can give you professional suggestions. Mold structure can be decided according to your plastic item structure, in order to let product demolding smoothly.

If you have other requirements, welcome to contact our SWY MOULD, we will discuss them with you.


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