Why Making Plastic Injection Mould In China?


It's a custom in many people's mind that Chinese moulds […]

It's a custom in many people's mind that Chinese moulds are cheap with low quality, especially the Huangyan mould. But I want to say it's wrong. Many mould making companies, and our SWY MOULD insist on making high quality mould with competitive price, this is why many foreign customers still cooperating with us and buying plastic injection moulds from China every year.


To make a new plastic injection mould, the 3D design is the first step, and it can analyze how to make the mould with correct size, structure & material, how to make a mould easily producing with less material waste, and how to cut down the mould cost. In our SWY MOULD, for technical support, we have a team of experienced designers who knows how to make design standard and professional project managers who in charge of all process from mould material selecting to mould shipment. If you don't have a design team of yourself, no need to worry, we will solve this problem and give you professional suggestions.


In Huangyan, now more and more plastic injection mould companies hire sales who are good at foreign languages communication and technique. As we all know, the communication in mould making project is the most important thing, when you asking some technical questions to sales, they didn't know how to solve the problem, then they need to ask the engineer, and wait for engineer answering, it will waste a lot of time. SWY MOULD knows the importance, so we require mould salesman need to be good mould technique, which helping communication with our customers. Also, our project managers are studying English to ensure common communication with our customers. In SWY MOULD, no need to worry about the communication, we know what you want, also do what you need.


We know starting a new mould project for customers is difficult, they need to put a large amount of money into and long time, so we give our customers a reasonable price with better service. We need to let customers know their investment is worthy. Just like when we buying something, we need to get the fine thing at a reasonable price, so same as our customers, we will treat every customer and mould project sincerely, be equal and honest to every customer.


Not only the mould price is important, but the mould quality is also the same important. For every moulding project, there will be a project manager to control all process, who will check the mould any time to avoid a bigger problem. Stoping and solving if finding any problem, also won't delay the delivery time as possible. In Huangyan, there is an industry chain of mould, there is a set of service from mould steel selecting, mould machining, mould polishing and mould testing, it's very complete which you may not find in your own city. 


If you need any plastic injection mould, welcome contact our SWY MOULD, Shine is waiting for your inquiry (Mobile: +86 157 5766 8880; Email: [email protected]).



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