Exhaust Mechanism Of Plastic Box Mold


When we are making plastic box mold, when the plastic m […]

When we are making plastic box mold, when the plastic melt is injected into the cavity, if the original gas in the cavity, the steam cannot be discharged smoothly, pores, seams, and surface contours will not fill the cavity. At the same time, scorch marks are generated due to the compression of the gas, and the backpressure generated by the compression of the vapor in the cavity will reduce the filling speed and affect the injection cycle and product quality. There are generally several methods for setting the exhaust mechanism:

(1) Use parting surface to exhaust:

set an exhausted groove around the cavity. When this method is used to exhaust, the resin decomposing substance is likely to remain on the exhaust of the mold, especially on the opposite side of the gate. It must be removed in time, otherwise, the cavity surface of the mold will be corroded over time.

(2) Use the pushrod to exhaust:

set the exhaust groove on the pushrod, because the push rod is a moving part, it can achieve the self-cleaning effect, and the cleaning effect is better.

The above are two of the exhaust methods. Of course, plastic dustbin mold can also try the above two exhaust methods.

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