Industrial Tray Molding Tray Type


To improve the industrial part mould, plastic pallet ma […]

To improve the industrial part mould, plastic pallet manufacturers have made certain improvements. Let's see what improvements have been made.

The first is a flat glass container tray. There are many types of this type of pallet and it is not very common. It can also be called a flat glass tray. There are single-sided and double-sided, double-sided can enter the fork in two directions. There are also some specifications, such as suspension fork type and frame type. During transportation in China, flat glass container pallets can support and secure goods. Usually, the flat glass is placed on a plastic tray, and the glass should follow the direction of the vehicle to keep the tray and glass stable.


The second type is the trombone carton, which is not very common. This is a pallet specially used for stacking long-size items and can adopt a multi-layer stacking structure. After the goods are neatly stacked, a long shelf is formed.


The third category is leak-proof plastic pallets. The leak-proof plastic tray design has good structural stability, thickened sides, and a load-bearing center, making it more durable. Suitable for liquid packaging containers, such as ton barrels, oil drums, iron drums, etc. It is integrally formed with no seams on the periphery. If there is a leakage problem, all liquid will leak to the leakage area, no leakage problem will occur, and the storage environment is kept clean and safe. There are many specifications and sizes of leak-proof plastic pallets, which can meet various size requirements and facilitate the company to place chemicals. It can be stacked in a warehouse, can also be used on a shelf, and is also suitable for transportation on a truck.


Of course, in addition to industrial pallet molding technology, plastic pallet manufacturers have also upgraded and improved a series of products, such as industrial tray molding.

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