The Design Points Of Plastic Industrial Pallet Mold


1. Ejector angle analysis for product  *Pallet main thi […]

1. Ejector angle analysis for product 


*Pallet main thickness is 2.75mm, some parts with rib are 3mm, this thickness is perfect for customer demands of lightweight.



*On the cavity side, the hole depth of nine pallet legs is 152mm, sidewall angle is 0.3 degree. This angle is ok for the deep cavity products.



*The depth of the rectangle hole in the cavity side is 40mm, sidewall angle is 1 degree. It's suitable for mold ejector.



*The depth of the square hole in the cavity side is 40mm, the sidewall angle is 0.5 degree. The ejector angle is a little small, need to make good polish to help the ejector.



2. Mold structure analysis

The cylinder outside structure is easy for assembling, but the mold size will be big. The inside cylinder machining is a little complex but could keep spare parts of the cylinder very well.




3. Mold-flow analysis

image  image

According to the customer's material physical property table, use mold-flow analysis to decide the position of the runner gate.



4. Mold insert analysis

image image



5. Mold slide wear plate


Pallet slider will make 380KG impaction, so we use steel + graphite wear plate, it will have high hardness around 55-60 HRC which could bear high impact. Also, it has a self-lubricating performance.




6. Mold injection system

For this mold, we choose 8 point valve gate.




7. Mold cooling system


*Water channel diameter: 15mm

*Turn over hole diameter: 19mm

*Each water line distance: 44mm

Each color, in the picture above showed, has an individual water channel to guarantee high efficient cooling.


*Water channel diameter: 11.5mm

*The distance from the pallet: 13mm

Making insert cooling faster.

More can be shown to you if you are interested in. Contact Shine to get more design analysis.



8. Mold lifting

Using UG software to calculate the mold weight to choose the right ring.

Then calculating the center of the mold to confirm the position of the ring which can have balance lifting.



There are more design points that should be considered, here Shine only refer to these points.

Later when we have an order from you, we can discuss with you more about mold making.

Also, kindly check the plastic industrial pallet molds we made before.



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