The Process Of Mold Packing


After samples are confirmed by customers and receiving […]

After samples are confirmed by customers and receiving the balance payment from them, we will prepare for mold shipment.

*Documents Preparation

1. After getting the information on mold delivery, the designer department will make and check the waterway drawing and oil circuit drawing. Then copying all 2D and 3D design, video of mold test into a CD. All will send to our customers with mold together.

2. Printing the file of Mold Operation Instruction, if there is a mold temperature control box, also need to print Temperature Control Box Operation Instruction. All will send to our customers also.


*Mold Package

1. Opening the mold, and using clean diesel to clean all parts of mold, not allowed there is any unclean thing on mold. Then taking photos for the record.

2. Spraying the antirust paint on mold cavity and core surface, especially mind the parting face.

3. Closing the mold, and applying the paste mixture on the mold surface. The ejection plate which can't apply into will spray the antirust paint.

4. Parceling the mold with several layers of plastic film, which can prevent the mold rust also it's not easy for broken. Then using bubble wrap to parcel the mold again for duplicate protection. 

5. Putting the spare parts and documents with mold and sticking with adhesive plaster. Then nailing the wooden box for delivery.

6. After all finished, the mold will be shipped by sea or subway which decided by our customers.


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