Maintenance Of Child Building Blocks Mould


Regular maintenance of the mold and keeping the machine […]

Regular maintenance of the mold and keeping the machinery, raw materials, and workshop clean will help ensure the normal progress of mold making. So how should child building blocks mould be maintained?

The cavity of the mold should be highly polished. During the production process, it should be polished regularly. Polish the cavity with a polishing agent and tissue paper. A small amount of polishing agent penetrates the surface of the cavity and then polishes the cavity with clean tissue paper until the mirror surface appears. The tissue paper should be replaced frequently during polishing to avoid scratching the mold cavity. Skilled molding workers should repair the worn clamping edges of the mold. The guidepost and guide sleeve of the mold should be regularly lubricated to ensure that the two mold halves are aligned and extend the service life of the mold. , Whenever production is stopped or the blow mold needs to be stored, compressed air should be used to blow off the cooling channels of the mold, and a protective agent should be applied to the mold cavity to avoid corrosion.

The above is the vague and simple understanding of mold maintenance. Plastic Toy Bricks Injection Mold also needs to pay attention to maintenance.


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