Welding Line Problem Of Thin Wall Plastic Mold


We all know that the production of molds still requires […]

We all know that the production of molds still requires a certain degree of technology, and the same is true for thin wall plastic mold. We will encounter some defects in thin-walled plastic molds more or less during the production process, and today we are going to talk about the weld line and its solutions.


The weld line is the boundary formed when two or more melt flow fronts fuse in the cavity. Stress concentration is likely to occur at the weld line, which weakens the mechanical strength of the plastic part, which is particularly unfavorable to the mechanical properties of the plastic part, especially the thin-walled plastic part. After being exposed to external force, the plastic part is very easy to crack at the weld line.


Improvement method: In the design, you can reduce or change the position of the weld line by reducing the number of gates or changing the gate position to meet the design requirements of plastic parts.


Regardless of making plastic pipe fitting injection mold or other molds, we will encounter problems. The most important thing is the solution and the method to avoid, as well as the summary of experience.

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