Fusion Pattern Of Industrial Tray Molding


With the development of our industrial pallet market, t […]

With the development of our industrial pallet market, the technical production process and specific production process of industrial pallets have become the focus of attention in the industry. Industrial trays are also one of the items we often use, and Industrial tray molding has always been one of our concerns. And in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to molds, but today our focus is on efficient algorithms for fusion line prediction.

The weld pattern has an important influence on the strength and appearance of the product. Accurately predicting the position of the weld pattern is a difficult problem for simulation software. The system has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of fusion line prediction through the node feature model method, and its accuracy has reached the advanced level of similar products in the world. And use the neural network method to make a qualitative evaluation of the influence of the weld line, which provides a direct basis for users to evaluate the quality of the forming.

For the mold, every step is very important, so you must pay careful attention and give the greatest patience during the production process.

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