Injection Mould Of Plastic Stool Sample Sent From Thailand


Our customer sent us one plastic stool sample to make i […]

Our customer sent us one plastic stool sample to make injection mould these days. There are some changes that need to make during design, we will discuss with the customer when designing the mould.

Mould service from SWY MOULD

1. Good plastic stool mould design

Mould design is the most important step for manufacturing a good plastic chair mold, reasonable mould structure, the suitable ejector system, injection system, cooling system, air venting system, guide system.

2. Choose the suitable steel

718H is very good steel for stool mould, but because of steel cost, some customers use steel P20.

3. Choose the best suitable tooling technical

Using a big CNC milling tooling machine and mould press machine.

4. Mould assembling

The stool mould assembling must be done very carefully, check to connect of every mould plate; ejector pin, stripper, eject block or slider should move smooth.

5. Good technician manual polishing or plus hard chrome plating keep the chair long time lasting shine.

6. Interim treatment: quenching, improving the hardness.


If you have any project of plastic mould, welcome to contact Shine to get more information. (WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 157 5766 8880 or Email: [email protected])


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