Soft TPU Injection Molds Shipped To SWY Customer


Attention points of this TPU car steering rack bush inj […]

Attention points of this TPU car steering rack bush injection mold during production

As the raw material is soft TPU, it's soft and easily sticks to the mold, so during mass production, SWY MOULD advises the cooling time should be longer so that the product won't be easily stuck with mold.

For every mold, SWY will send our customers the Mold Test Sheet for reference. We record all the data during mold testing, such as injection pressure, injection speed, cooling time, etc. Later before mold shipment, we will fill the following chart, print it out, and send it with mold.

Later if our customers have any problem with mold production, it's very welcome to contact us.


Ways of solving TPU stick on injection mold

Sometimes the customers are not professional in setting machine parameters, and there is the easiest way---printing the mold release agent. Before every shot, print some agents and then close mold and injection.

Another way is to treat with Teflon. Teflon is the name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE coated molds are a groundbreaking approach that helps in the easy demolding of the molded item. The inner surface of the PTFE coated molds is smooth and allows the item to be molded with more accuracy in design and dimensional requirements. Also, any cracks due to the irregularities in the surface of mold are right away eliminated by the PTFE coating. The negligible chemical reactivity of the coating protects the mold from corrosion occurring due to continuous use with different material types.

Mainly gray in color, the coating may be of black, green, red, or various other colors as per the specifications conveyed to the manufacturer. As you can see our mold, it's green and differs from other molds. It's treated at a high temperature and special machines. No matter how many shots you produced, the TPU material won't stick to the mold. It's the most effective way for mass production.


If you have any project on soft TPU injection molds, welcome to contact our SWY Mould, we would like to cooperate with you and provide you well molds.

Here viewing our soft TPU injection molds:


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