Plastic Basket & Dustbin Lid Molds Shipped To Thailand


 SWY MOULD has strict tooling & mold inspection man […]

 SWY MOULD has strict tooling & mold inspection management, our QC manager does mold inspection for all of the molds according to the following checking list, which guarantees the quality molds to customers.

Inspection appearance and dimension for plastic injection mold

1. Water connector type is correct? The hole clearance for the water connector is enough? The out edge of the hole needs to chamfer and be constant.

2. Mark the water lines with 'IN' and 'OUT' and numbered them clearly and tidily. e.g. IN1, OUT1.

3. Oil connector or pneumatic connector need be numbered with the prefix 'O' or 'G', e.g. G IN1, O IN1.

4. The screw thread of the water plug, oil plug, and gas plug meets the tooling datasheet.

5. Is there any components outside the mold surface? If so, the stand-off should be installed.

6. Does KO pattern and size meet requirements?

7. The fixing style and diameter of locating ring meet the tooling datasheet.

8. Sprue bushing sphere radius must meet tooling datasheet.

9. Mold overall size needs to meet the customer’s press(tie bar space), and clamping method meets customer’s requirement?

10. An arrow with 'UP' marked should be engraved in the cavity plate or core plate for those molds for which installing direction is required.

11. All the components need be numbered. And standard mold datum should be engraved.

12. Correct steel should be used, the steel certification needs to be submitted.

13. Screw thread for all the connectors need be correct including eyebolts hole, K.O. hole.

14. No sharp edge, corner, and burr outside the mold.


Inspection cold runner system for plastic injection mold

1. Internal surface of sprue bushing must be polished to drawing standard.

2. Runner channel must be polished to drawing standard.

3. The shape and size of the runner channel need to meet the customer’s requirement.


Inspection hot runner system for plastic injection mold

1. The wiring layout numbered correspondingly is suitable? And it should be easy to repair.

2. Hot runner type must be correct and be inspected prior to arrival at the shop.

3. The assigned type and size of sockets need to be specified with a protective setting installed.

4. The wiring needs to match the drawing provided by the shop.

5. Wires need to be bundled and covered by a plate to avoid breaking.

6. Connectors need to be marked clearly to avoid assembling wrongly when both sizes are the same.

7. Control wire needs a protective cover and no damage.

8. Wires exposed outside the mold surface are not allowed.

9. The transition slot to allow the wire in the plate and manifold need to be round to avoid any damage.


Inspection packing for plastic injection mold

1. Steel type, certification, and heat-treat must meet customer’s requirements.

2. Spread antirust in cavity and core.

3. Spread butter in sliding components.

4. Saftey locks(at least 2 pcs) should meet designing requirements. And rest hole should be made.

5. The files send to customers are full? 

6. Is there any special requirement for mold exterior surface?

7. Spare parts are full? And a detailed list needs to be provided.

8. Mold needs to be packed in a plastic membrane when shipment.

9. Spread mold with lacquer and marked the direction of placement.

10. Wooden box needs to be fixed firmly.

11. All the things in the packing list need to be full.


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