Plastic Mold Of Reflective Road Studs


Plastic Road Studs Injection Mold, here is the mold our […]

Plastic Road Studs Injection Mold, here is the mold our SWY made.

Part size: 99.5*85*17.9mm

Reflector material: PMMA

Shell material: ABS

Reflector mold steel: S136

Reflector mold cavity: 4

Reflector mold injection: hot runner

Shell mold steel: 718H

Shell mold cavity: 2

Shell mold injection: cold runner

Lead time: 50 days


The road stud, which is also called raised pavement marker, we refer to here is mainly used in highways, and it is a traffic safety facility. the road stud is mainly installed between the road lines or double yellow lines, and it can warn the drivers to drive on their right way by its retro-reflection.

The normal sizes of the road stud are 100mm*100mm*20mm, and it won’t higher than 25mm. There are several kinds of reflectors, such as reflective panel, reflective bead, led, reflective transfer file.

It usually uses epoxy resin to install the road stud.

Plastic reflective road stud

The plastic road stud can also be divided into the whole plastic road stud and the road stud with a plastic shell. The whole plastic road stud refers to the road stud made by plastic, or ABS, AS+ fiberglass, which has strong pressure resistance. The road stud with a plastic shell only has a plastic shell and there is filler inside the road stud, and the cost is lower than that one, so is the pressure resistance.

SWY MOULD is professional in making this kind of plastic road stud. Kindly see the drawing of our mold which we made before:

Welcome to contact us if you have any projects on plastic reflective road studs.


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