T1 Of Plastic Toy Bricks Mold


This plastic toy bricks mold is made for our Sudan cust […]

This plastic toy bricks mold is made for our Sudan customer. As for his urgent requirement, we try our best to test the mold within 25 days after the design confirmed.

Perfectly, the T1 is successful and the toy bricks assembly is very well. Our customer is very satisfied with our work.

As this is the first trial business in the child toy industry for my customer, so he wants to make all shapes into one mold. Also, we make the switch which can open and close the material flowing way, so that customer can decide the amount of producing.

Kindly see the video shows:


Whatever you have completed 3D design or just an idea or concept, we could start working together with you for your project. We can promptly take your concepts into 3D models or take your 3D design into mold design. If you have any project on plastic toy bricks molds or other plastic injection molds, kindly contact SWY MOULD to get more inquiries.

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