Secondary Maintenance Of Plastic Box Mold


A plastic box is a very common item for us. There are a […]

A plastic box is a very common item for us. There are all kinds of plastic boxes in supermarkets. This is all the credit of plastic box mold. With it, there are so many choices. However, plastic box mold is also a kind of tool, so naturally, it also needs maintenance.

The secondary maintenance of the mold refers to the regular systematic maintenance of the mold based on the technical status and complexity of the mold. This maintenance work is completed by mold repair personnel, and records are made according to the maintenance situation. Convex and concave molds of drawing die: The main problem of the convex and concave dies of the drawing die is the roughening and the embossing of the molding surface. During maintenance, the rounded corners of the mold are mainly polished. If there is a crater, repair the mold and then repair it. Guide parts (guideposts, guide sleeves, guide plates, etc.): The mold will have pull marks during work. The main causes are dirty lubricating oil and guide gap deviation. When the guide parts produce pull marks, use oilstone to smooth them and polish them to eliminate them.

Since the plastic box mold needs maintenance, the plastic dustbin mould naturally needs maintenance.


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